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Unique guide helps ladies browse the lesbian online dating scene

Co-authors Loretta Becker and Andrea DiMattia have joined forces to share their unique individual experiences and reflections throughout the world of lesbian dating within their brand-new book

Ladies, Have You Figured Out Everything Really Would Like?

The “comprehensive and easy-to-read resource” was developed for women searching for support and direction in working with the unique problems of matchmaking within lesbian area.

Released by AuthorHouse with cover artwork by award-winning singer and artwork fashion designer Toon Perkins, the book comes in softcover and book versions.

Women, Have You Any Idea What You Really Would Like?

provides useful advice, mentoring, and assistance to greatly help lesbian daters deal with appropriate problems and private dilemmas. The ebook explores various subject areas, including on-line matchmaking, funds, online dating people with young ones, adult toys, and organized ways to distinguishing personal wants and needs. The self-reflection worksheets involving each chapter assist readers simplify expectations, determine tastes and separate the precise attributes of dating prospects being personally desirable.

“In time, if you are ready to accept the journey, there are certainly fantastic love–but every thing starts with you,” states Becker and DiMattia.