About Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.

Admission Overseas Consultants – a  name in the field of  foreign education consultancy with its slogan “your future our first priority” is providing excellent services for the last many years with its head office at Building No 42, 1st Floor, Block-R/1, Johar Town Lahore

Admission Overseas Consultants is playing its vital role to provide guidance and counseling to the students–who seek admission in any highly reputed foreign college or university to acquire an accredited and recognized degree that could be helpful to succeed, exceed as well as lead others in their overall career and future.

Admission Overseas Consultants is focusing on materializing the dreams of our highly brilliant and vibrant Pakistani students, thus, in view of our aptly focused approach that has given us perfect command to get admission in any highly sought after college or university. In view of our organized and reliable best working strategies, the number of foreign admission aspirants has tremendously increased – a matter of pride for the management, and all others associated with our commercial entity.

Admission Overseas Consultants has always moved ahead with a broader vision of getting admission for our aspiring students in the highly reputed centers of higher learning in UK, Australia, USA, Canada Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Hungary, Ireland and Turkey. Whilst demonstrating such a higher ability and capability blended with multidimensional services in foreign education, we have proved our company “as an all services provider under one roof.”

The upper edge of Admission Overseas Consultants lies in the reality that we are trying to build the best linkages with the students across the country, giving each and every information of our plans and strategies, enabling them to benefit from these.

Legal Statement

Our core values and processes

Safeguarding Authenticity

“One of Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. core values & also a key element to our Code of Ethics is maintaining authenticity. It is therefore essential for Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. to manage any potential conflict of interest to safeguard the authenticity of Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. trademark & services rendered.

This is in order to protect Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. objectivity and brand, ensure student satisfaction and comply with the rules of recognition and partner institutions.

Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. has defined and maintains a strict company policy and monitors our brand identity closely & tracks counterfeit companies that try to impersonate our brand, therefore in order to maintain brand integrity we maintain our copyrights & may take legal action where deemed necessary.”

Bashir Ahmed Chaudhary, CEO – Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our Recruitment Process

Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. follows global university recruitment processes for admissions that are in line with professional standards and international rules.

Upon contacting Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. students learn about the main steps and processes associated with our partner university admissions, as well as their rules and obligations when applying for degree level programs.

Admission Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. makes this information publicly available for students for the academic institutions they wish to pursue.