Admission Overseas Consultants Pvt Ltd is a famed & trusted student’s consultancy firm by providing assistance from admission till visa application in a professional manner and has started its operations with an objective to help the foreign study & visa aspirants, and guide them in a better professional and transparent with fruitful manners. We are fully focused and dedicated to serve our clients, who could be interested to get admissions in foreign universities for various Destinations like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Malaysia, Hungary and Turkey & Northern Cyprus etc.

Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd is a modern organization which offers new avenues by providing professional counseling to Pakistani students looking for their ambitions through foreign education.
Of the handful of companies providing student’s consultancy services in Pakistan, Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd is struggling to prove to be one of the most successful in terms of earning wide recognition and acceptance.

  • Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd is registered with ‘Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan’
  • Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd is a member of ‘Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry’
  • Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd is a ‘Tax Payee organization’

Now it has taken a revolutionary step for the service of its clients that will surely be a milestone and landscape in the field of student’s Consultancy. It has introduced a unique “information-providing program” which is not only time saving, but also is in an easy access of each and every individual.

Now Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd offers free online admission assessment. Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd provides the students a comprehensive information, detailed enquiries and effective consultancy. It also helps the general public to explore the opportunities and evaluate their chances of study abroad. It is undoubtedly an exemplary step in such age of quick and fast communication.

Its’ no secret that during the processing of an admission and visa-submission, even a minor error could prove costly; lead to long delays, or at times, even destroy one’s immigration dream eternally, leave aside the ensuing disappointment it could eventually lead to. At Admission Overseas Pvt Ltd, we value the valuable investment of time, efforts & funds that you make even as we do our best to guarantee that your specific case is presented in the best possible way, before the concerned bodies, to reduce the admission and visa-submission mistakes, if any.

Further, our expert counselors and advisors keep a hawk’s eye on the relevant updates involving new changes and policies set by educational institutions and foreign embassies. We do this so that we can help you in the best possible way and keep you in sync with the changing times.

For additional/further information, feel free to contact us! We would be much more than glad to proffer the same.